What is DNow (DiscipleNOW)?

DiscipleNOW is a weekend student retreat where students spend the night in local homes with other students in their grade along with a college small group leader. The students meet throughout the weekend at Willow Ridge Church to worship, eat, spend time in God’s word, and fellowship together. Students will be in homes of parents of other Willow Ridge students that are well known and respected at our church. Students will be chaperoned at all times.

What are the dates?

February 23-25, 2018

How much does DNOW cost?

Cost is $75 and includes everything the student needs for the weekend (food, transportation) and also includes a DNOW T-shirt! This money is due with a registration form by February 18.

What will the schedule be like?

On Friday night, the students will have a worship experience before going to their host homes. Saturday, the students will wake up, have breakfast, and do small groups at their host home. Then they will come to the church to worship, have lunch, and go out for the afternoon on a fun adventure with their group. They will return to their host home for showers before coming back to the church for dinner and worship at night. Then, the student will head back to their host home, spend the night, and return to church for Sunday morning worship.

Will my student be in a group with his/her friends?

We try very hard to accommodate every group request on our registration form. Sometimes if there is a group of friends that exceeds the size of our groups (6-7), that group of friends will have to be split up. Also, if you bring a guest, we guarantee your guest will be in your group!

How do I pick up my student?

Students may be picked up immediately following the 11:00am service on February 25. They may ride home with parents just like a normal Sunday.

My student has a ball game (or other commitment) on Saturday (or any other day of the weekend) - can he/she leave and come back?

Yes! We want your student at DNOW. We will work with you to make it happen.

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Rick Lee
Student Pastor